Mendor Balance Personal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mendor Balance Personal?
Mendor Balance Personal is a blood glucose monitoring service that is suitable for all the different types of diabetes. It is used as an electronic logbook to store your blood glucose measurements, and also as an analytical tool to give you a clear picture of the overall behavior of your blood glucose during your everyday life. Mendor Balance Personal is intended for collecting, storing and remote follow-up of self-monitored blood glucose (SMBG) values to assist individual diabetics and / or diabetes health care professionals in the management of diabetes.
How much does it cost ?
Mendor Balance Personal is free to use.
Are my records safe?
All data that travels through the network is encrypted and records are safely stored and secured in Windows Azure Databases.
How can Mendor Balance Personal help me?
It gives you a better understanding of your blood glucose behavior. Upload your measurements effortlessly and enjoy a beautiful at-glance view of your blood glucose patterns.
Can I download/print my entries?

Yes you can. Here is a picture that shows you how to do it.

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What are the system requirements?
The Mendor Balance Personal software incorporates two parts: a web application and a desktop application. The web application is used for viewing your blood glucose results and the desktop application (Balance Upload) is required for uploading measurements from your blood glucose meter to the Balance service. Balance supports Windows (XP, 7, 8) and Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) operating systems. Please note that Windows Vista is not a supported operating system.
The web application functions properly with the most commonly used browsers at the moment. If you are a Windows user it is recommended that you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (version 9 or newer) as your default browser. If you are a Mac user the recommended default browser is Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Always make sure your browser is updated to the newest version.
What should I do when the upload fails?
Make sure that the cable is connected properly and the meter is turned on (data transfer mode). However, if you are still experiencing challenges in uploading your blood glucose measurements to Mendor Balance Personal, please contact our support team: or call us at +358 45 145 1200 (outside Finland international call charges will apply)
I have forgotten my password, what should I do?
Go to Mendor Balance Personal login page: and follow these instructions:
You may reset your old password and retrieve a new one through the ”Did you forget your password” functionality. A new randomly generated password will be sent to the email address you have provided. For security and convenience, please change this random password at the next login
How do I change password?
Click ”My user profile” link and follow these instructions
click image for further instructions
click image for further instructions
click image for further instructions
click image for further instructions
What languages are supported?
Currently, Mendor Balance Personal is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.
Who has access to my data?
Only you have access to your data unless you have shared it with your nurse or doctor
How often am I required to upload my measurements?
If you are doing a profiling program, we suggest that you upload your measurement on a daily basis. Otherwise we suggest uploading as often as possible.
What is the Mendor Balance Personal Dashboard?
Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your blood glucose status. It includes the number of your uploaded measurements, blood glucose average, HbA1c equivalent, number of measurements per week, standard deviation of the measurements and the number of completed glucose profiles.
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Why do we show the standard deviation of the measurements within Mendor Balance?
The standard deviation of all the measurements may indicate the relevance of the up-and-down behavior of your blood glucose in relation to the mean blood glucose level.
What does blood glucose profiling mean?
A glucose profiling program is a two-week period during which you should make five pair measurements over each of the three daily routines (sleep and your first & second meal). When successfully completed, the program will produce a report that describes the behavior of your blood glucose.
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What do pair measurement mean?
Pair measurements are essential in Balance since they contribute to the analysis on how your blood glucose level changes over the daily routines. If two different measurements are connected with a line, they form a pair. In order to make a successful pair measurement over sleep you need to have one measurement in the Before sleep time range and another one in the After waking up time range. When you have a measurement in both time ranges they will automatically form a pair. The more pairs you collect this way, the better it is for analyzing your blood glucose behavior. In order to make a successful pair measurement over a meal, you need to have one measurement inside the pre-meal time range and a second one that is made 90 to 150 minutes after the first one (the post-mealtime measurement). The idea is to make the first measurement before the meal, and the second one approximately two hours after eating. If you have several measurements in the post-mealtime range, Balance Personal will calculate the average of the readings to form the pair. Again, when the measurements are in the correct places, the pair measurement over the meal will be detected automatically.
How do I upload blood glucose measurements?
In order to upload measurements from your blood glucose meter to the Balance service, you need to download and install a desktop application called Balance Upload to your computer. If you haven’t done this in the registration phase, you will find a link to the download site by clicking on the ”How to upload” button in the top menu of Balance. Balance Upload is available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
When you have downloaded and installed Balance Upload, you can run it by double-clicking the Balance Upload icon on your desktop. You will need to log in with the same username and password you have registered at the Balance website.
When you have logged in you can select your meter from the list, and proceed by connecting the meter to your computer with a USB cable (the one that came with the meter) and turn the meter on. If you are a Mac user you won’t see the meter selection screen (the meter will be automatically recognized when you plug it in).
After logging into Balance Upload, you can also choose to go straight to the Balance web application, and see your Logbook without uploading any new measurements. If you wish to do this, just click on the button that says Skip upload, go to Logbook.
Please note that when you run Balance Upload for the first time, the application may need to download and install specific drivers for your blood glucose meter. This will be done automatically by the software, but you might need to click “ok” or “next” in a couple of steps to finish the driver installation. When the Cable status says Ready, you can click on the Upload button to upload the measurements from
the meter to the Balance service. When the uploading is finished, you will see a short summary of the uploaded measurements with a link to view the results in Balance.
If the date and time settings of your meter are incorrect, you will see a notification about it. Also, if your meter’s time is off for more than 1h 25min, the measurements you have uploaded will be marked as invalid in Balance and they will not be displayed in the Logbook. The reason for this is simple: blood glucose readings cannot be displayed properly if they have incorrect time stamps. In order to use Balance and to view your measurements in the Logbook, it is extremely important that the date and time settings of your meter are correct.
What is Mendor Balance Personal Logbook?
The Logbook is an electronic record that stores all the blood glucose measurements you have uploaded to the Mendor Balance Personal service.
How do I get answers to the questions that are not in the FAQ?
Contact us at; or call us at +358 45 145 1200 (outside Finland international call charges will apply).


Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools does Mendor ONE provide to people with Diabetes?
  • Mendor Smart blood glucose meter with built-in mobile data connection
  • Carry case and lancing device
  • Unlimited amount of strips and lancets (amount based on real consumption )
  • Consumables home delivery
  • Mendor cloud service license
  • Mendor Mobile App
Can other people access the data web site and view my readings?

Only the patient and the healthcare professionals the patient has given access to.

Where do i download Mendor ONE application? Requirements
Why can’t i find Mendor One in the Google play?
What is the app Compatibility?

We support only Android for now.


What entries can i make in the application?

The application is an instant messaging service within Mendor One – you can use it to communicate with your diabetes clinic anywhere, without having to be at your computer.

Is the App and the web application synced?

Yes – the data is automatically synced.

I’m having trouble with info sync. What should I do?

Contact us at; or call us at +358 45 145 1200 (outside Finland international call charges will apply).

I don’t have Bluetooth on either my PC or mobile phone. How do I upload data from the Meter and application?

The meter uses a Sim card – no need for cables or pairing with additional devices. The results are transferred automatically after each measurement.

What languages are supported?

English, Finnish and Swedish

How do i share my data? / Can I share my results with my caregiver through the Mendor ONE app?

All the data in your account is automatically being shared with your Mendor One clinic – the doctors and nurses working at the clinic will always see exactly the same information as you do with the Balance Personal web application or the smartphone app.

Where to get Mendor ONE?

Please contact us at for further details.