Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a healthcare professional. How can I get Mendor One in my clinic?

Mendor offers a package of diabetes management tools intended to help clinics, payers, and individuals to better manage their diabetes population.

If you are interested in learning more about Mendor ONE diabetes management solution.

Contact us at; or call us at +358 45 145 1200 (outside Finland international call charges will apply).

What are the benefits of having Mendor One in my clinic?
  • Real-time access to patient’s data – Get up-to-date glucose data from anywhere, anytime. All glucose data is visible to care providers and users through a cloud service and a mobile application.
  • Individual blood glucose targets for patients – personal targets can be set for each patient, and then follow-up in real time if the patients are within their target ranges. The service also provides insights on how daily routines, such as meals and sleep affect glucose levels.
  • Automatic alerts if patient is out of target – Set personal targets together with patients and identify the ones needing your support. The service automatically monitors if patients are meeting their targets. Patients receive automated messages if they are outside their targets for long enough – the purpose is to encourage patients to take corrective actions in order to get back to their blood glucose target range. This helps you prioritize your work better and see more clearly which patients are really in need of intervention.
  • Most of the time patients will have unreliable data which is spaced out between measurements, forget their meters at home or even give inaccurate readings, to you the professionals, on papers that are hard to understand.  Mendor ONE will have reliable, clear and up to date data; no cables or paper notes needed.



What Tools does Mendor One provide to people with Diabetes?
  • Mendor Smart blood glucose meter with built-in mobile data connection
  • Carry case and lancing device
  • Unlimited amount of strips and lancets (amount based on real consumption )
  • Consumables home delivery
  • Mendor cloud service license
  • Mendor Mobile App
How do I add another professional to my Mendor ONE account?



Every professional user has to have a separate account because of security reasons. All of the accounts are connected to your clinic, so that every user at your clinic sees the same patients (the ones belonging to your clinic) in the service. In order to give access to another user who is part of your healthcare team, please contact and ask for a professional account to be created. Also, if someone quits working at your clinic, contact the support so that his/her account can be removed.


Can other people access the data web site and view my readings?

Only the patient and the healthcare professionals the patient has given access to.

Where do i download Mendor One application? Requirements


Why can’t i find Mendor One in the Google play?
What is the app Compatibility?


We support only Android for now.



What entries can i make in the application?

The application is an instant messaging service within Mendor One – you can use it to communicate with your diabetes clinic anywhere, without having to be at your computer.

Is the App and the web application synced?

Yes – the data is automatically synced.

I’m having trouble with info sync. What should I do?

Contact us at; or call us at +358 45 145 1200 (outside Finland international call charges will apply).

I don’t have Bluetooth on either my PC or mobile phone. How do I upload data from the Meter and application?

The meter uses a Sim card – no need for cables or pairing with additional devices. The results are transferred automatically after each measurement.

What languages are supported?

English, Finnish and Swedish

How do i share my data? / Can I share my results with my caregiver through the Mendor ONE app?

All the data in your account is automatically being shared with your Mendor One clinic – the doctors and nurses working at the clinic will always see exactly the same information as you do with the Balance Personal web application or the smartphone app.

Where to get Mendor ONE?

Please contact us at for further details.

How many blood test reading does the Mendor Smart meter remember?
  • The meter itself can hold 500 measurements at a time, and when the memory is full, it will start replacing the oldest test results with new ones.
  • Since all the measurements are automatically transferred to the cloud, and the cloud storage space is unlimited, you will always be able to see all your measurements from the Mendor One service with the Balance Personal web application.
3G connectivity? Networks?
  • Does it work abroad – Yes, it might be slow but it will still work.
  • Roaming charges – None
  • What if i don’t have network?The readings are stored on the meter then uploaded to the cloud as soon as soon as network coverage is recovered. No data is ever lost.

Mendor Balance Professional

Video Tutorials

Balance Pro instruction video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mendor Balance Pro?
Mendor Balance Pro is a service for healthcare professionals to monitor and analyze their patients’ blood glucose results
learn more: Balance PRO
What are the system requirements?
Mendor Balance Professional functions properly with the most commonly used browsers at the moment. If you are a Windows user it is recommended that you use the Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (version 9 or newer) as your default browser. If you are a Mac user the recommended default browser is Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Always make sure your browser is updated to the newest version. If your browser is only partially supported by Balance or if the browser version is outdated, you will see a warning text at the top of the screen. If your browser is not supported at all, Balance will not start and you will see a page requesting you to use one of the supported browsers.
How do I signup or register?

Contact us at or call us at +358 (0)9 315 77 300

How do I add a new patient to Mendor Balance Pro?

You can add a new patient to the list by clicking on the Add a new patient button on top of the patient list.

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What is the Mendor Balance Pro Dashboard?

The Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of a patient’s blood glucose status. It includes the number of uploaded measurements, blood glucose average, HbA1c equivalent, number of measurements per week, standard deviation of the measurements and the number of completed glucose profiles.

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What does standard deviation of the measurements mean within Mendor Balance?
The standard deviation of all the measurements may indicate the relevance of the up-and-down behavior of the blood glucose in relation to the mean blood glucose level.
What does blood glucose profiling mean?
A glucose profiling program is a two-week period during which the patient should make five pair measurements over each of the three daily routines (sleep, first meal, second meal). When successfully completed, the program will produce a report that describes the behavior of the patient’s blood glucose.
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What do pair measurement mean?
Pair measurements are essential in Balance since they contribute to the analysis on how the patient’s blood glucose level changes over the daily routines. If two different measurements are connected with a line, they form a pair. In order to make a successful pair measurement over sleep the patient needs to have one measurement in the Before sleep time range and another one in the After waking up time range. When the patient has a measurement in both time ranges they will automatically form a pair. The more pairs the patient collects like this, the better it is for analyzing his/her blood glucose behavior over sleep. In order to make a successful pair measurement over a meal, the patient needs to have one measurement inside the pre-meal time range and a second one that is made 90 to 150 minutes after the first one (the post-mealtime measurement). The idea is to make the first measurement before the meal, and the second one approximately two hours after eating. If the patient has several measurements in the post-mealtime range, Balance will calculate the average of the readings to form the pair. Again, when the measurements are in the correct places, the pair measurement over the meal will be detected automatically.
How do I upload blood glucose measurements?
When you have a patient selected, there is a button in the top menu that says ”Start Upload”. By clicking this button you can upload measurements from the selected patient’s blood glucose meter to the Balance service. When you click the button for the first time, your computer will install a program called Balance Upload. When the installation is finished (this will only take some seconds), you will see a blood glucose meter selection screen. Select the correct meter from the list, and proceed to connect the meter to the computer with a USB cable (the one that came with the meter) and turn the meter on. Transferring results from the meter requires that the Balance installation program has installed the appropriate driver software to your computer. This meter-specific driver program enables data transfer between this particular meter and the Balance service. If Balance informs you about a missing driver, please contact the IT support personnel of your clinic or Mendor Balance support. When the Cable status says Ready, you can click on the Upload button to upload the measurements from the meter to the Balance service. You will be asked to confirm that you want to upload measurements for the selected patient. When the uploading is finished, you will see a short summary of the uploaded measurements. You can then close the summary window to view the results in Balance. If the date and time settings of the meter are incorrect, you will see a notification about it. Also, if the meter’s time is off for more than 1h 25min, the uploaded measurements will be marked as invalid in Balance and they will not be displayed in the Logbook. The reason for this is simple: blood glucose readings cannot be displayed properly if they have incorrect time stamps. In order to use Balance and to view the measurements in the Logbook, it is extremely important that the date and time settings of the meter are correct.
What is Mendor Balance Pro Logbook?
The Logbook is an electronic record that stores all the blood glucose measurements the patient has uploaded to the Balance service.
Which meters are supported?
Mendor Balance supports 25 commonly used Blood glucose meters:
Abbott: FreeStyle Freedom Lite FreeStyle Lite FreeStyle Precision
Accu-Chek by Roche: Active Aviva Aviva Nano
Aviva Combo Compact Plus Mobile
Mobile (new) Performa
Arkray: Glucocard X-Meter Glucocard X-mini plus
Bayer: Breeze 2 Contour Contour Next
Contour USB Contour USB Next Contour XT
GlucoMen by Menarini: Ready
i-Sens: CareSens N POP
LifeScan One Touch Ultra 2 One Touch UltraEasy
Mendor: Discreet
On Call by Acon: Resolve
Who will have access to patients' blood glucose data?
Only the patient and the healthcare professionals the patient has given access.
Can I download/print my entries?

Yes you can print the entries.

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What do the different colors in the logbook mean?

The color of each result depends on the blood sugar level, and the measurements forming a pair are connected with a line. See a detailed description below.

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How do I get answers to the questions that are not in the FAQ?
Contact us; or call us at +358 45 145 1200 (outside Finland international call charges will  apply)