Mendor is a comprehensive diabetes management solution including 3G-connected meter, smart cloud, mobile application and education services

Diabetes care is broken - the help is here

Almost 60% of people with diabetes do not have their diabetes under control (HbA1c). The number of people with diabetes is growing rapidly and the cost burden to societies is unbearable. Meanwhile, daily diabetes monitoring is still a manual process, and measuring glucose data only, does not always lead to the best decisions. Mendor is here to change all that.

Mendor automatically connects individuals with care providers and empowers them with real-time actionable insights.

Provides real-time data

Get up-to-date glucose data from anywhere, anytime. 3G-connected meter automatically sends all values to cloud without a need for paper logbooks, cables or additional devices. A Mobile app enables secure messaging.

Identifies individuals needing support

Set personal targets together with individuals and identify the ones needing your support. The service automatically monitors if individuals are meeting their targets. Your patients also receive automated alerts and notifications about their progress.


Makes improvement areas visible

Understand individual glucose trends and follow intervention effectiveness. The service provides insight on how daily routines, such as meals and overnight sleep affect glucose levels.

Mendor is a complete package provided as a service

The next great innovation in diabetes care has arrived: real-time, outcome-driven and individualized diabetes care with Mendor ONE. Contact Us

What's included?

  • 3G-connected glucose meter with data plan
  • Cloud platform, unlimited number of professional user accounts
  • Software updates and improvements