Mendor Balance Professional

A cloud-based service to analyze and share blood glucose data. Supports all commonly used meters.

Balance Screen

Improves workflow at your clinic

Access to all your patient’s reliable and up-to-date blood glucose┬ádata. Monitor and manage your patient lists and focus on individuals needing the most care and support.

Enables individual analysis and care

Use guided pair measurements to identify individual improvement areas and monitor care efficacy.

Empowers self-care

Show visualized and easy-to-understand health data to your patients in order to better educate/advice them.

Supported Devices

Accu-Chek by Roche

  • Active
  • Aviva
  • Aviva Nano
  • Aviva Combo
  • Compact Plus
  • Mobile
  • Mobile (new)
  • Performa


  • Breeze 2
  • Contour
  • Contour Next
  • Contour USB
  • Contour USB Next
  • Contour XT


  • FreeStyle Freedom Lite
  • FreeStyle Lite
  • FreeStyle Precision


  • Glucocard X-Meter
  • Glucocard X-mini plus


  • One Touch Ultra 2
  • One Touch UltraEasy

On Call by Acon

  • Resolve


  • CareSens N POP
  • CareSens N

GlucoMen by Menarini:

  • Glucomen READY


  • Mendor Discreet

Patients learn fast the need of improving their diabetes care if they use Mendor Balance on regular basis

- Johanna Lindman-Jusslin, Diabetes nurse

I recommend Balance Pro to my colleagues who are interested in improving their time management

- Leena Pekkonen, Diabetes nurse

Mendor Balance makes the communication between the care team and patients much easier.

- Tea Vatanen, Diabetes nurse

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Mendor Balance Personal

Mendor Balance Personal cloud-based service is a perfect match to your Mendor Discreet Meter. It gives you a better understanding of your blood glucose behavior. Upload your measurements effortlessly and enjoy a beautiful at-a-glance-analysis of your blood glucose patterns.

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All-In-One Device

Create your own electronic logbook

Visualize your blood glucose data

Take a quick glance at your blood glucose behavior and monitor your progress.

Identify areas for improvement

Use guided pair measurements to identify improvement areas and monitor the effects of your lifestyle.