Mendor is a Finnish company, committed to the design, development and marketing of advanced diabetes management products. Mendor has launched a revolutionary, easy to use, portable 3G blood glucose meter and web-based software application for the daily management of diabetes. Mendor has designed its products together with users and diabetes experts to address the needs of people with diabetes requiring regular blood glucose monitoring._H5Z1042EttLagerNEWMendor was founded in 2006 and started its operations with Discreet blood glucose meter. Wanting to ensure a user centric approach to product development, the team began working on the idea with local diabetics and diabetes professionals. Following intensive brainstorming and concept testing with potential users and medical experts, the idea of a new web-based software for the analysis of blood glucose measurements emerged. This idea also received great feedback from local diabetes professionals. With help from Finland’s leading diabetologist Antti Virkamäki company started to develop the software further.

In early 2016 company made a strategic decision to focus on scalable software platform development.

Today people at Mendor are managing the company towards international sales and helping to improve the life of diabetics all around the world.